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Waste Water Industry Challenge:

Manufacture of waste product handling equipment needed to update
process controls on existing and future equipment. The new design had several challenges:


1. Must be compatible with existing and future installed systems.
2. Must be easy to operate and operate in a harsh environment.
3. Must be able to move to radio link remote control easily.
4. Must allow system to be field optimized for best process performance.


PLC based replacement control system
ICE reviewed the existing design and collaborated closely with our customer, keeping in mind the customers requirements, we developed a PLC based replacement control system that:

Was bolt on compatible with the existing systems and provided the control scheme to allow for future developments.
Provided the operator a rich touch screen (HMI) environment for control anddiagnostics. The system was wash down suitable.
A Radio link option can be added at any time.
All the critical machine setup parameters are pass code available through the HMI.
With field optimization system processes approximately 30% faster.
System maintenance has been significantly reduced. Maintenance is much easier with fault diagnostic display.

Food Product Manufacturer Challenge:
Customer was installing new silo storage system to hold two million lbs of product. This system is to supply multiple process lines using any of the silos. Product traffic control and satisfying the process needs to optimize production were two considerations. Integrating the controls to the multi-processes requesting product and keeping the plant on line at the same time was another challenge.


PLC based process control and computer based HMI
ICE built and programmed a PLC based process control and computer based HMI that was integrated to the main plants PLC data highway. This unit integrated to a large MCC (motor control center) that ran the entire silo distribution system. After a successful installation, a remote request for product was processed with out waiting, operators knew what product and how much was available. Product bottlenecks were eliminated and the old silo system was relocated and integrated for other products.


computer screen shot