Innovative Process Control Engineering Technology Solutions

Services ICE Can Provide

The services we offer are broad-based and focused on the challenges, needs, and budget of our client companies. Below is a list of some of the services and solutions we have been providing for more than 47 years:

  • Automation Controls for Processes

  • CAD Document Services

  • Liquid Level Controls

  • Motion Controls (Stepper, Servo)

  • Motor Controls (Alternating Current-Variable Frequency Drive (AC-VFD) and Direct Current (DC))

  • User HMI and Scada Software Development

  • Process Controls (Temperature Control, Level Control, Pressure Control, Weigh Control)

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

  • UL Listing Services Under UL-508A and cUL-508A for Industrial Control Panels

  • Pump Controls (Simplex, Duplex, and Multi)

  • Water and Wastewater Controls

Systems Installed


Intelligent metering pump system, follows manufacturing process and delivers precise chemical compounds. Systems worldwide, Wood Products and Chemical Industries.


Duplex pump station control system with remote readout. Municipal Water, Waste Water and Chemical Industries.


Refrigerated water handling system maintains water balance between reservoirs and keeps track of total water volume.


PLC controlled, product milling, screening, and conveying process. Food, chemical and extraction industries.


PLC based food product blending system integrated to plant DCS System for food product batch processing. Wash down application, Food Products Industry, US markets.


Cooker Cooler Kettle. HMI & PLC control mixing, time and temperature for both cooking and cooling.


Remote computer operator station, designed and built for harsh environment, Chemical and Food Processing Industries, US Markets.


Outdoor mobile chemical wash system, blends compounds as required by the process. Power, Chemical and Food Processing Industries, US and Overseas markets.


PLC & HMI for mobile electro-hydraulic machinery, allows process machinery to run automatically and un-manned. Waste Water Industries, US and overseas markets.


Waste facility aeration, temperature and water control system. MCC monitors and controls waste temperature and moisture levels.